Monday, December 18, 2006

New Calendar

創作の日々でございます。すっかり夜型を通り越して朝8時くらいまで起きてます(笑)。なんでこうなるんだろうか。。(爆)朝早い仕事が入ってくると、このサイクルを戻すのが大変だってわかってるくせにやめられないね〜。でも正直、夜更かしが好きなんですが(笑)。次の火曜日には札幌に行きますよ〜〜〜! indigo blue Train の生放送です!夜11時から。お楽しみに!!

When I'm writing songs, I always stay up late. Yesterday, I went to bed at 8 am! (laugh). I don't know why but I just can't help it. The problem is... it's hard to fix this terrible cycle when I have work in the morning. I know it, but I just can't help it. But to be honest, I love staying up late... ;-) I'm going to Sappro next Tuesday for my radio program "indigo blue Train". The show is gonna be live on North Wave! Don't miss it!! Starts at 11pm.
《Picture》I bought this new calendar for 2007. This colorful calendar will decorate my room!


leideanne said...

Wow! Blog with "new face" ^^
(Do you know...) Where can I find videoclips to watch? Here (Brazil)I don't find...

Good shows!!!

See ya! ^^v

Rina said...

thanx for your comment.
try go here ↓
and click the second mark( the film mark ) you only see in the song "Start Over". I don't know which OS you're using, but if you are using Windows, i think you can watch the video.
Sorry, i only have this video....  :)
I'll let you know when I got another video for you to watch...