Monday, October 31, 2005


仙台では、私達のレギュラーラジオ「Love Love Live」の収録や、他のラジオ番組などの出演を予定しています。楽しみ、楽しみ☆
さて、最近はまた創作活動に入ってますが、煮詰まったときにはDVDを借りてきて観たりしてます。最近良かったのは「イン・アメリカ」 サマンサモートンのナチュラルな女性らしさがキラキラしてる!ストーリーもなかなかGOODだし、出てる子供達が超カワイイ!


arumanda said...

what is a zunda shake? i love shakes. but this one sounds interesting.

i used to work in an icecream shop and i love shake with lots of icecream and topping. so i made delcious shakes for all of my customers, and they loved my shakes.
but the owner got really angry at me because i was using so many ingredients and he was losing money! i was nearly fired!

anyway, i'm a shake professional, so i'm very interested in the zunda shake!

Rina said...

Hey, 元気?
Have you ever heard of ずんだもち? It's a well known product from Sendai. You know もち right?
ずんだ is an あんこ made by 枝豆 instead of 小豆.
It's green あんこ. I have no idea why they call it "ずんだ".... I guess it sounds like 東北弁.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to try ずんだシェイク this time, so I can't explain what it is and how it tastes like... : (
When I got chance to try, I will take a picture and I'll put it to my blog!
I didn't know that you are a shake professional! Please make some for me someday : D

arumanda said...


i LOVE anything made from eda mame. I think it's the most amazing ingredient in the whole world! it makes so many things, so i adore it. i'm sure i would LOVE the zunda shake.

please tell me all about it when you drink it. and thanks for explaining that. yum yum. enjoy your trip away. and good luck!

amanda ;)