Monday, August 06, 2007


Date fm STARLIGHT EXPLOSION '07 ~第24回夕涼みコンサート~
【日程】2007年8月7日 (火)
【出演】BONNIE PINK/Metis/Melody/星村麻衣/Superfry/手嶋葵/indigo blue ※出演アーティストは予定です
ぜひ、聴きに来てくださいね!出番は17時くらいです。久しぶりに仙台に行くのに、これまた日帰り(T-T) 仙台の七夕まつりをじっくり楽しんでみたいけどな〜。


arumanda said...

wow, you had a great view from your place. lucky you.
from the 1st floor i could only see bright lights in the sky, so i went down to the seashore and enjoyed the fireworks up close. lots and lots of people, but everyone looked happy and beautiful in their yukata's.

i hate the heat too - like you. but summer can also be a beautiful and fun time of the year so 'ganbarou ne!'

by the way, i went to karaoke the other day and you were in the book. i was so happy to see you there, that i sang your song (sweet home) but i completely killed your song. i'm so sorry. i didn't realize how difficult your songs were to sing! so i realize how great your talent is all over again!

oh no! my sincere apologies for killing your song!!!

Rina said...

thanks! yeah, how lucky i am! it was such a great time to watch the fireworks in the air conditioned room (笑)
thanks for singing my song in karaoke!
i would love to hear you sing "sweet home"!
was it that difficult? that's not good for a pop song ne? (笑)こりずにまた歌ってね。